At Nooyen we are constantly developing and producing slatted floor systems that work for your farm and that enable you to achieve the very best results. You are a professional, and as such you are always our number one priority.  We’re making your next floor.

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Nooyen Nederland

Nooyen Pig Flooring
Haageind 60
NL 5754 BZ  Deurne
T: +31 (0)493 31 68 60

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Nooyen België

Nooyen BVBA
Steenovenstraat 16
B 3941  Hechtel-Eksel
T: +32 (0)11 73 17 77

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Nooyen USA

111 Adena Drive
Mount Sterling KY. 40353
United States of America
T: 859-497-4429