Tri-Bar sow slat

For individual housing


The V-shaped bars of the Nooyen steel Tri-Bar slatted floors ensure a perfect drain of manure and, consequently, excellent hygiene. This gives the flooring system an ammonia reducing effect.

Because of their flat tops, Tri-Bar slats have an optimal standing surface and offer outstanding lying comfort.

For pens housing gestation sows, an option is a self-supporting Tri-Bar floor system installed over the width above the manure channel. Angle irons are used to install the slats on the edges of the pit. By using the centre-to-centre dimension of the pens, these angle irons fall precisely under the side fences, creating no obstacle for the sows.

The Tri-Bar floor system for individually housed sows is fitted as standard with a 120mm. tilting manure hatch positioned at the back. Another option is a complete Tri-Bar slatted floor.

In addition to the standard 600 and 800 mm width sizes, the Tri-Bar slat system for pens housing gestation sows is available in customised sizes. The steel Tri-Bar slatted floor for gestation pens is available with 12 or 15 mm bar widths in combination with 12 or 15 mm slots.

Tri- Bar sow slat features
Gestation sow slatted floor

Dragende zeugenrooster met geopend kantelbaar mestluikje.

Angle on edge

Opleg op de putrand door middel van hoekprofielen.

V shaped bars manure drainage hygiene

Optimale mestdoorlaat en reiniging door de driekant staafvorm met afgeronde zijden.