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Nooyen WellFarrowing farrowing crate gets welfare label in Austria

The WellFarrowing farrowing crate from Nooyen Pig Flooring has been awarded a welfare label by the Austrian agency 'Fachstelle für tiergerechte Tierhaltung und Tierschutz'. This means that the farrowing crate contributes significantly to the welfare of sows and piglets and may be used in Austrian pig farming.

Austria has strict requirements for animal welfare. The specialised agency for animal welfare falls under the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and is the central information point on animal welfare. The agency issues certificates for products that may be used in the country's livestock industry.


No entrapment despite free-ranging sows

The WellFarrowing farrowing pen has been evaluated by a specialist team of the agency. The conclusion of this team is that the soft-coated slatted floor prevents injuries to the piglet's feet and the sow's teats. In addition, the Balance floor helps prevent crushing of young piglets by automatically creating a height difference between the newborn piglets and the sow, as soon as the sow stands up.

Sows can walk around freely in the WellFarrowing farrowing pen. Sow farmers achieve the same technical results with WellFarrowing as they would with a standard farrowing pen without free-range movement. Compared to regular housing of farrowing sows, the results are even better. The new WellFarrowing farrowing pen therefore ensures more animal welfare and a higher yield.


High animal health through hygiene and maximum living comfort

WellFarrowing also proves that hygiene and living comfort can go hand in hand in a free-range farrowing pen. Because the grid can be pushed slightly, sows have plenty of grip. With an opening of more than 50 percent, the manure passage is optimal and hygiene is assured. Piglets stay healthy and there is less chance of catching infections. WellFarrowing therefore meets all modern requirements in terms of animal welfare and antibiotics reduction.


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