PolyDeck Cornelissen (The Netherlands)

Poly Deck quality Composite provides your animals the perfect support  

Poly Deck quality Composite provides your animals the perfect support  
The Nooyen Poly Deck is a polymer composite grid floor, suitable for piglets and fattening pigs. The Poly Deck floor is particularly hygienic thanks to the closely spaced structure of the material and the open layout. The floors are also available with a closed area.

Perfect support, grip and hygiene
Weaned piglets and fattening pigs have perfect support and grip thanks to the unique shape of the grid. Removal of manure is outstanding due to the open layout. These grid floors with closely-spaced structure are completely water resistant and are therefore easy to clean well. The polymer composite is self-supporting up to 2000 mm, thanks in part to the steel reinforcement, does not rust and has better resistance to acid than concrete.



Reinforced polymer composite
Reinforcement: Steel
Profile: Triangle shape with curved top side (grid never remains wet) and anti-slip
Fire safety: Nooyen Fire Resistant
Characteristics/ advantages: 

  • Available for piglets and fatteners
  • Does not rust
  • Fire resistant
  • Better resistance to acid
  • Does not absorb water
  • Self-supporting up to 2000 mm
  • Closely spaced structure for maximum hygiëne
  • Outstanding removal of manure thanks to open layout
  • Available in various sizes
  • With smooth sides and good grip for your animals
  • Also available with a closed area

Available sizes:

  • 1100x600x35 17/13 open
  • 1100x600x35 17/13 (425 closed)
  • 1400x600x50 17/13 (425 closed)
  • 1700x600x60 17/13 open
  • 1200x600x40 17/13 open
  • 1300x600x45 17/13 (425 closed)
  • 1300x600x45 17/13 open

Information and questions?
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