Repressor Balance

Save up to 40 % energy by re-using air

For years, the Nooyen Balance system of slatted floors for farrowing pens has offered an innovative and reliable system that limits piglet mortality through crushing. As soon as the sow stands up, the slat rises to a safe height for the young piglets.

Sustainability has a high priority at Nooyen. The Repressor has been developed to reduce the energy needed to create the working pressure to operate the Balance. This system collects the used air and re-uses it. Compared with systems that use a compressor, systems with a repressor can realise energy savings of up to 40% when creating the necessary working pressure. Investments such as this can often be considered for subsidies.


Another advantage of this recirculation system is the consistently good quality of the compressed air, resulting in a longer operating life of the compressor and other pneumatic parts. The closed air circuit also ensures that the Balance system works silently.

Repressor Balance
Repressor balance compressor


Repressor balance rijsturing

Balance Controll system for repressor

Repressor balance koeldroger

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