Super Coated piglet slats

The animal-friendly, coated slat for optimal comfort

fire resistant slat for piglets

The Super Coated slatted floor for weaning is an animal-friendly floor system for piglets. The slats are made of expanded metal or woven wire, equipped with a qualitatively excellent coating.

This coating ensures optimal comfort for the piglets because it feels warm and soft.

The Super Coated slats are available as a self-supporting construction. Dimensions can be produced to customer requirements. The Super Coated slats can be combined perfectly with the Tri-Bar slats to control the piglets’ dunging behaviour even better.

Additional options:

  • Super Coated slats for weaning can be fitted with a solid area and, if necessary, with an integrated heating system.
  • Super Coated slats for weaning are also available as separate coated panels that can be installed on a steel frame.
Super Coated piglet slats features
Super coated woven wire

Super Coated woven wire.

Super coated expanded metal

Super Coated expanded metal.

Super coated weaning piglet slat

The Super Coated weaning piglet slat with solid area, equipped with an integrated heating system.