The Futterkamp educational and test centre is the facility for livestock breeding and agricultural construction in Schleswig-Holstein. Equipped with an extensive, future-oriented cattle and piggery as well as a construction and energy exhibition, the centre can fulfil its many tasks in the areas of agricultural education, experiments, information and public relations.
Due to the many developments in free-range farming in Germany, Futterkamp decided to set up an area with many different free-range concepts. Nooyen too has developed a freerunning concept based on the new regulations and recently exhibited it.  


Lehr- und Versuchszentrum Futterkamp Gutshof 24327 Blekendorf

The total dimensions of the WellFarrowing farrowing pen are: 2600 mm x 2900 mm consisting of 2 elements. The elements are 80 mm high and therefore self-supporting. 

WellFarrowing is a free-running concept developed by Nooyen, with a Balance in a free-running situation. 

The floor is fitted with 2 piglet nests that are separated from each other. One is electrically heated, the other is not. Both are separated from the sow at all times. 


Super Coated Woven Wire: has an open structure and is strong in itself. Because of the open structure, the material can be coated additionally, making it extremely suitable for Freefarrowing and still hygienic. 

Super Coated integrated piglet nest: with electric floor heating. Total 1.5 m2 piglet nest. 

CoolSow system: the CoolSow system under the sow keeps the sow calm in the farrowing pen.