‘With WellFarrowing by Nooyen I have all the tools to make free-range farrowing a success’

As in other European countries, there is a growing social need in Denmark for pig farming that takes even greater account of animal welfare. When Jacobsen faced a major investment in his sow farm, he deliberately opted for Nooyen's free-range farrowing pen, called WellFarrowing. "This housing allows sows to move around freely, while I can control piglet mortality."

The WellFarrowing pens are equipped with the Balance system. This innovative Nooyen system automatically creates a difference in height between the floor where the sow is laying and the floor where the piglets are living. The height difference disappears after the sow lies down. This created height level ensures a greater survival amongst the piglets. The Balance floor is put into operation for the first week after farrowing, the period that the sow can’t move freely.

Long life span and hygiene
In addition to the Balance system, Jacobsen is charmed by the solid coated grid with a core of steel. The grid therefore combines a long life span with a high manure passage which improves hygiene. Also the surface area of ​​6 m2 per farrowing pen appeals to the Danish sow farmer. "Research shows that piglets have a higher weaning weight when sows are free in the last part of lactation." The expectations of Jacobsen are high. "Everything is new to me, but with WellFarrowing from Nooyen I have all the tools to make the free-range farrowing pen a success. It's an investment in the future."