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Measures Nooyen Pig Flooring related to coronavirus

As a supplier to the food chain, it is important to keep society running, together with our dealers and customers: a vital sector that must remain active and to which we contribute in a responsible manner. That’s why we ask for your understanding and help. We have taken necessary steps to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities to protect our employees, customers and suppliers.


All activities of manufacturing, purchasing, sales, production and transport are allowed, both nationally and internationally. We strictly follow the regulations and have taken far-reaching measures to be able to work in a responsible and healthy manner. Our production locations are still operating normally and we do not experience any obstacles to getting the products produced and delivered on time.


The transport that visits your company will handle the current situation in an appropriate manner and observe hygiene precautions; do not shake hands, keep an appropriate distance and wash and / or disinfect hands regularly. Our technical and commercial departments are operational to provide the necessary advice and support within the current limitations.


We thank you for your cooperation and the efforts we will all have to make in the coming weeks, so that food production is not affected by the exceptional situation we all experience.

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