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More space for the sow, less dead piglets

Compared to a standard crate, sow farmers achieve even better results with WellFarrowing. The reason behind the good results is the fact that the Wellfarrowing pens are equipped with a BALANCE floor. With the Balance floor, Nooyen offers a sophisticated system centering on the reduction of piglet mortality caused by sows lying on piglets and the flexible positioning of the sow. As soon as the sow lies down, she activates a switch that lowers the sow slat to the same level as the piglet slat. When the sow gets up again, the sow slat will rise to a safe height. From the piglet standpoint, the greatest challenge with implementing loose house farrowing systems deals with piglet mortality. Now, sow farmers can achieve the same technical results with WellFarrowing as with a standard confinement farrowing pen.


Full recovery from birth 

Research carried out by the Chamber of Agriculture in North Rhine-Westphalia recently revealed that the dropout percentage increases when the sow moves freely. However, in this German research the sows were not in a WellFarrowing crate. Sows in a Nooyen WellFarrowing crate stay in the crate for a maximum of five days after the birth of the piglets. Then they are fully recovered from birth, the sows can move freely. The low drop-out percentage in a WellFarrowing crate is comparable to that of a standard farrowing crate equipped with a movable Balance floor.


Hygiene and living comfort go hand in hand

In addition to low piglet mortality, WellFarrowing also proves that hygiene and living comfort go hand in hand with a loose house farrowing system. Sows can move freely on a soft coated steel grid. A compressible floor surface provides plenty of grip for the sow. With an opening of over 50 percent, the manure passage is optimal, and hygiene is guaranteed. Furthermore, the young piglets do not suffer from weakened bones, they stay health and there is a lower risk of infections. WellFarrowing therefore meets all modern requirements when it comes to animal welfare antibiotic reduction.


More information about WellFarrowing

More information about the WellFarrowing loose housing can be found at: https://www.nooyenpigflooring.com/en/products/sows/wellfarrowing

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