Balance Frame

The Super Coated slatted floor system with moveable sow slat


With the Balance Frame, Nooyen offers a sophisticated system centring on the reduction of piglet mortality caused by sows lying on piglets and the flexible positioning of the sow. As soon as the sow lies down, she activates a switch that lowers the sow slat to the same level as the piglet slat. When the sow gets up again, the sow slat will rise to a safe height.

The moveable part for the sow is available in different versions. In addition to placing the farrowing crates in a straight position, they can also be placed in a diagonal position. The sow can also be placed out of the centre. In addition, the Super Coated Balance Frame offers extra flexibility in its dimensions.

The Balance Frame is operated using a flexible side-mounted switch. As an alternative to a side-mounted switch, an electronic switch is also an option.

The Balance is laboursaving as the farrowing pens require less extensive monitoring. The Balance Frame is quick and easy to install.



Nooyen Balance: quick ROI through an increase of 6.5 piglets per farrowing pen per year.

Balance Frame features
Raised edge

A raised edge prevents injury to the piglets.

Electronic switch ELS

Electronic switch (ELS): a sensor in a stainless steel housing detects whether the sow is standing or lying down.

Balance control system BCS

Balance Control System (BCS): standard movement control using electronic operation.


Nooyen Balance: short earn-back time due to an increase by 6.5 piglets per farrowing pen per year.