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Prior to and during the coating process, various quality inspections are conducted in order to guarantee optimal quality and a long life span of the coated slats. For instance, the pH-value of the primer is measured and the viscosity – or the degree of fluidity – of the coating is determined. A coating hardness tester is used to determine the hardness of the coating. This measurement is conducted before treating the slatted floor with a salt solution. Finally, testing samples are used to carry out a mechanical tensile test. Via this test, the flexibility of the coating is tested. After the tensile test, the sample is checked using a microscope, so that optimal adhesion of the coating to the steel can be guaranteed.


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Super coated
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Nooyen Tri-Cast slats are made of a qualitatively excellent casting mixture: Ductile casting (EN-GJS-400-15). Thanks to the lamellar structure of the iron molecules and the high viscosity of this mixture, the material is impact-resistant and highly ductile. This means that Tri-Cast can withstand a 5 percent bend without any problems.

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Nooyen aims for a long, durable life of its Tri-Bar slatted floor by using high resistant steel instead of standard reinforcing steel (FeB 500) High resistant steel is a high quality alloy with a high nickel, chromium and copper content and a highly specific amount of silicon. Compared with standard reinforcing steel, high resistant steel has a highly accurate and therefore consistent composition. The steel is cold formed and thermally galvanised. The zinc coating has an average thickness of 100 to 130 micron. As high resistant steel can be coated with more zinc than standard reinforcing steel, it has a longer life. Thanks to the use of high resistant steel, the quality of the slatted floors marketed by Nooyen far exceeds NEN-EN-ISO 1461 standards.


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Blue Deck

The Blue Deck slats are made of environmentally-friendly and recyclable first-generation cadmium-free polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer with a very wide range of applications. This material group consists of linear macromolecules without cross links. The application of thermoplasts has big advantages because softened materials can easily be formed into the required shape and can also easily be reused. Blue Deck slatted floors are also highly resistant to chemical solutions, bases and acids.

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Nooyen Fire Resistant

The Nooyen super coated slat conforms to strict Dutch building regulations as well as meeting our high standards in regard to seamless implementation to ensure the best level of hygiene and animal welfare through its soft feel coating, as well as a long lifespan. Our super coated slats are tested according to European standard EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 and they are classified as Bfl - S1.


 Bfl-S1 classification

Nooyen Super Coated