Tri- Cast sow slat

For individual or group housing


The Tri-Cast slat is a reliable cast-iron floor system for gestation sows.

The slats are available in various standard lengths up to 78.75" self supporting. The Tri-Cast slats are made of high-quality cast-iron and are strong, ductile and, especially, durable.The V-shaped bars in the Tri-Cast slat give excellent manure drainage and therefore reduce ammonia. Moreover, the surface is easy to clean. These factors ensure excellent hygiene.

An alternating high-low profile creates a perfect anti slip standing surface for the sows. Tri-Cast slats offer optimal lying comfort. The Tri-Cast slats for sows have 19/32" standard bar and slot widths. The slats are available in various standard lengths.

The slatted floor is easy to install in a standard position or a combined position (parallel to the passage) with a steel support. The optimal standard seating is 1". For deviating pit dimensions, slatted floors can be customized in length and width. Like Tri-Bar slatted floors, Tri-Cast slatted floor systems can be combined perfectly with solid concrete areas.

Tri- Cast sow slat features
Tri cast 15mm slot width

Standard  19/32" / 15 mm bar and slot widths.

Tri Cast various standards

The slatted floor is easy to install.

Tri Cast anti-slip

Anti-slip standing surface thanks to alternate high-low profile and optimal manure drainage thanks to the V-shaped bars.

Tri Cast side lips

Side lips ensure a good connection of the slatted floors.