Balance Blue Deck

The plastic slatted floor system with moveable sow slat

With the Balance Blue Deck, Nooyen offers a sophisticated system centring on the reduction of piglet mortality caused by sows lying on piglets. As soon as the sow lies down, she activates a switch that lowers the sow slat to the same level as the piglet slat. When the sow gets up again, the sow slat will rise to a safe height. 

The piglet slats used in this model are the Blue Deck solid plastic slats. Thanks to the tear shaped bars and the rounded top, the Blue Deck slat for in the farrowing pen provides
a comfortable surface for the pig to lie on, perfect manure drainage and is extremely easy to clean.The slat is different from other solid plastic slats: as the bars run parallel to the sow, they provide maximum grip to the piglets during suckling.

The Balance Blue Deck is operated using a flexible side-mounted switch. The Balance is laboursaving as the farrowing pens require less extensive monitoring. The Balance Blue Deck is quick and easy to install.

The sophisticated Balance system means that initial investment costs are higher than the costs for conventional flooring for farrowing pens. However, the Balance system will quickly earn back this extra expense. The earn-back time mainly depends on the reduction of piglet mortality. 

Balance Blue Deck features
USA - Sow cooling

Option: sow-cooling

Flexible side mounted switch

Simple operation using a flexible side-mounted switch guarantees reliable results.

Balance Control System BCS

Balance Control System (BCS): standard movement control using pneumatic operation.