Cool Sow System

Floor cooling with lactating sows

Cool Sow System

Creating a warm zone for piglets and a cool zone for the sow is essential for the performance in the farrowing pen.

Precisely for this application, Nooyen has developed a sow slat with floor cooling: the Cool Sow System.

The Pig Innovation Centre (Varkens Innovatie Centrum) Sterksel has performed two years of research into the effects of floor cooling on lactating sows. The research shows that sows housed in a farrowing pen with floor cooling have a higher feed intake. This is expressed in lower weight loss by the sow and a higher weaning weight of the piglets. The financial advantage of the system has been calculated to be 65.00 dollars per farrowing pen/year.

Floor cooling works most effectively when used with cast iron slats with a shoulder plate. The optimal temperature of the water used for cooling is 69.8 Fahrenheit.


Higher feed intake


Tri-Cast sow insert cool sow system

Tri-Cast sow insert featuring the Cool Sow System.

Cool water stainless steel tube

Cool water flows through a stainless steel pipe under the slatted insert.