Cool Sow System

Floor cooling for lactating sows

Cool sow system

The optimum temperature for sows in the farrowing house is 16-18°C and for piglets, that starts at 30°C. In the farrowing pen, the temperature is usually aligned to the piglets and is therefore much too warm for the sows.

Nooyen has developed the Cool Sow System to tackle this problem: floor cooling under the shoulder and neck of lactating sows. The positive effects and results of this cooling system were proven during a two-year study by Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.

By reducing the temperature under the shoulder and neck, the sow will eat more, her condition will improve and she will have more energy, resulting in increased milk production. Importantly, she will be in a better condition when she leaves the farrowing pen. Her condition improves ovulation, resulting in stronger eggs, leading to an extra piglet in the next litter.


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Tri-Cast sow insert cool sow system

Tri-Cast sow insert featuring the Cool Sow System.

Cool water stainless steel tube

Cool water flows through a stainless steel pipe under the slatted insert.