Tri-Bar and Tri-Cast sow inserts

Tri-Bar inserts for perfect hygiene Tri-Cast inserts for reliability and durability


In the farrowing pen, the sow can be positioned in a straight or in a diagonal position. The slatted floor under the sow can be provided level with the piglet slats or in an raised position. With raised sow slats, a lowered passage for the piglets is possible in the front and the back.

The inserts under the sow can be made of Tri-Bar or Tri-Cast. A combination of different inserts is also possible.

Tri-Bar and Tri-Cast sow inserts features
No slip

U-Noslip provides optimal grip for the sow.

Raised sow slat

Raised sow slat.

Level sow slat

Level sow slat.

Tri cast sow insert without shoulder plate

Tri-Cast sow insert without shoulder plate.

Hotpipe sow newly born piglets

A Hotpipe behind the sow creates an extra warm welcome for the newly born piglets.

Tri cast high low profile grip

Tri-Cast: anti slip standing surface thanks to high-low profile.

TC met vertanding
TC dicht
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Tri-Bar sow inserts

The V-shaped bars of the Nooyen steel Tri-Bar slatted floors ensure a perfect drain of manure and, consequently, excellent hygiene. Because of their flat tops, Tri-Bar slats have an optimal standing surface and offer outstanding lying comfort.

The Tri-Bar sow slats are available with 3/8" or 1/2" bar widths. In combination with a 3/8" slot. An alternative option is a steel round profile with 3/8" bar and slot widths.

Tri-Bar additional options:

  • Equipped with shoulder plate for extra sow comfort.
  • Equipped with a Hot Pipe behind the sow, for a warm reception of newly-born piglets.
  • Equipped with a manure opening or manure hatch that tilts upwards or downwards.
Right column

Tri-Cast sow inserts

The Tri-Cast slatted floor is a reliable cast-iron floor system made of high-quality cast-iron. The Tri-Cast slats are strong, ductile and, especially, durable, and have a good drain of manure thanks to the V-shaped bar. The Tri-Cast insert under the sow is available in various standard sizes.

Tri-Cast additional option:

  • Equipped with shoulder plate and/or cooling for extra sow comfort.