In partnership with our dealer Calipro we have completed a new free farrowing project at the Hostiou pig farm Earl Hostiou in France.

In this project, the free farrowing pens feature the Balance movable floor for sows. This ensures that despite fewer sow places, good results can still be realised. During the days around farrowing, the Balance floor prevents piglets being crushed. After a few days, the floor is deactivated and the farrowing pen can be opened.

The construction costs can be significantly reduced thanks to the self-supporting floors supported by foundation blocks. Installing these floors in this way can be done very quickly.

The ingenious design of the farrowing pens supplied by our dealer not only offers the sow plenty of space, it also creates a safe place for her piglets.



  • RVS Balance System

  • Supported by foundation blocks

  • Rectangular free farrowing model

  • Integrated piglet nest

  • Cast iron floor for sows with high/low profile

  • Triangular shape to ensure optimal hygiene where manure and newborn piglets are present