WellFarrowing new standard in free-standing pigsty houses

Nooyen takes pig farming to the next level with WellFarrowing. This new housing system allows farrowing sows to move freely among their piglets.

Sow farmers can achieve the same technical results with WellFarrowing as in a standard farrowing pen when the Nooyen's Balance floor is installed. Compared to regular housing of maternity sows, even better results are achieved. The new WellFarrowing ensures more animal welfare and a higher profit! No reduction in results!

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High piglet survival

The Nooyen WellFarrowing is the only free-range pigsty that automatically creates a difference in height between piglets and the sow when the sow is in upright posture. With this built-in, revolutionary Balance floor, virtually all newborn piglets survive and the crushing of piglets almost doesn’t occur with this system. The sow has to lies down to even out the height difference and piglets can drink safely and undisturbed with their mother. With WellFarrowing, breeders therefore opt for animal welfare and yield.

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Well farrowing piglets

Hygiene and living comfort

WellFarrowing proves that hygiene and living comfort can be combined in a free-standing pigsty.

‘With WellFarrowing by Nooyen I have all the tools to make free-range farrowing a success’

As in other European countries, there is a growing social need in Denmark for pig farming that takes even greater account of animal welfare. When Jacobsen faced a major investment in his sow farm, he deliberately opted for Nooyen's free-range farrowing pen, called WellFarrowing. "This housing allows sows to move around freely, while I can control piglet mortality."

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Long service life and high fire resistance

Nooyen uses the best quality raw materials in the production process of the coated grids.

  • Highly developed production process to ensure the high, constant and stable quality level.
  • Long Lasting grids with remaining high technical results, even after several years of use.
  • The coated grids also have a high fire resistance. Certified Euroclass Bfl-S1. Your safety is important for Nooyen.
  • Easy and  In short; With WellFarrowing farrowing pens you get high quality!
  • Easy montage and labor saving for your convenience and well-being.

With WellFarrowing you buy guaranteed quality, well-being and profit.

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Additional specifications:

  • Available in Supercoated Woven Wire
  • Minimal support 25 mm.
  • Minimal installation height 80 mm.
  • Dimensions of the Balance chasis 650 x 2200 mm.
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The WellFarrowing farrowing crate from Nooyen Pig Flooring has been awarded a welfare label by the Austrian agency 'Fachstelle für tiergerechte Tierhaltung und Tierschutz'. This means that the farrowing crate contributes significantly to the welfare of sows and piglets and may be used in Austrian pig farming.

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